1) Colts OVER 9.5

Why: Great QB/Coach combo, great offensive line, weak division: They have HOU number and playing them after a bye, Jax has question marks and their not scared of Tennessee. When considering O/U, you have to consider Depth, especially at QB, because it is hard to predict injuries. Luck could get hurt 2nd week or stay healthy. Worst case scenario if Luck were to get hurt still have one of the best backup QBs in Jacoby Brissett.

2.) Lions UNDER 6.5

Why: Are you betting on Matt Stafford/Matt Patricia? I’m not. There were rumors last year that Patricia had “lost” the locker room. They are in the toughest division in football: GB, MIN, CHI.  Minor offseason upgrades. Poor offensive line and play calling.They are going under 6.5 wins.

3.) Cowboys OVER 9

Why: They have key offensive players (Dak/Zeke/Cooper) seeking new contracts so their going to put their best foot forward. Zeke isn’t suspended, Travis Frederick is coming back from injury to make their offensive line stronger, they play in one of the weakest divisions playing Redskins and Giants a total of 4 times.

They will start off 3-0 with momentum going into saints, packers, and eagles. They have a tough second half of the season, but if they can stay healthy, they should be in a good position to go OVER 9 wins.


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