Ranking 76ers Free Agency Additions Thus Far

  1. Tobias Harris – No we didn’t get Jimmy Butler, but we still got Tobias. Harris, a 26-year-old SF, is an exceptional shooter and offensive player. While he may have gotten overpaid, taking the risk might be worth it. Tobias is highly productive as he averaged 20 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 2.8 assists per game. He is arguably one of the most consistent SF in the league- offensively and defensively. While he was only 10 million short of the max contract, he won’t have to be the “man” because of Embiid and Simmons. 
  2. Al Horford – The former sixer “killer” and enemy signed a four year, $107 million contracts. With Horford being 33, it may seem outlandish that the sixers would commit that much time and effort into him. However, Horford will be able to come in and have an immediate impact. He will play alongside Joel Embiid and the PF, this creates a scary defensive presence down low. Not only is Horford a tremendous defensive player, but he is also a highly productive offensive player who can shoot the ball well for a big man. Not only will improve the sixers on the court, his experience and leadership will also bring a maturity that will benefit the whole locker room 
  3. Josh Richardson – He is no jimmy Butler, but he still is valuable. Richardson a 25-year-old guard who averages 16.6 points per game, and 4.1 assists per game. While im not completely sold on this deal, Richardson has the ability to come in a make an immediate impact. It is expected that he will still start at SG, which may not be an offensive upgrade from JJ Redick; however, Richardson is a huge defensive upgrade from Reddick. In fact, Richardson only averaged one point less than Reddick last year. Defense wins championships, so by adding a better defensive player who only averages one point less than Reddick into the starting rotation, should and will improve the team.
  4. Mike Scott – He ain’t no bitch…he’s back. One of the most loved Philadelphia Athletes is coming back on a two year, $10 million contracts. There is a rumor going around that Tobias took $10 million less on his contract so that the sixers could resign Scott. This makes sense considering Harris and Scott are friends and like playing together, but this was a very important signing for the sixers. Because of his ability to shoot and stroke the three-ball, Scott will play a vital role in a sixers rotation that seems to lack shooters. He shoots 40.1% from three and brings a spark that electrifies the crowd. Tempted to put him higher on the list because I love his game and energy so much, but he will need to be more productive this year, as he only averaged 5.8 points per game last year.

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