The Fighting Irish have a chance to come back after a pitiful end-of-season last year, but it will not come easy – this is a key moment for this team’s future. Either able to prove themselves, or take a big downfall. After getting smoked last year in the Cotton Bowl down at “Jerry’s World,” the Irish need to reestablish themselves. The team did great all year, not a single loss until Clemson whooped them 30-3 when it mattered.

Brian Kelly and the rest of the coaching staff should be embarrassed by that. Recruits and reputation must’ve taken a hit. Luckily, that season is over and we are nearing the 2019 season. The Irish’s schedule does not look too bad. It will require them to be dominant if they want to see the playoffs. Their two hardest matchups are 9/21 and 10/26. These meetings are both away and versus powerhouses, the Georgia Bulldogs and the Michigan Wolverines. The only other matchups they might have trouble winning are versus USC, Virginia Tech, and Stanford. The rest of the season should be easier. All in all, the Irish need a big year for their own well-being, let’s see what happens.


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