David Johnson 

Ever since Johnson’s great year in 2016, we haven’t seen the same production fantasy owners are looking for him. His numbers took a hit because of his injury, but have bounced back since. Under a new coach, we can expect him to continue on to play like a first or second round pick. He still was able to be top 5 in snaps and touches at 714 and 308 respectively. Johnson could potentially be a top 5 RB this season and a safe pick nonetheless.

Christian Kirk 

Kirk will have an exciting year this season, and it will come down to how he performs early on. Having Kyler Murray, Heisman winner as his QB, and Larry Fitzgerald aging even more, Kirk could claim WR1. He was immediately a full-time receiver last year until his foot injury. Given that he shines over the incoming rookies, Kirk is a flex option to draft later on.

Larry Fitzgerald 

Everyone knows Fitzgerald’s deal, future Hall of Famer that is now 36 years old and in his 16th NFL season. He doesn’t hold the explosion he once had, but is still a terrific route runner who knows how to get open. Fitzgerald will be a big part of Kyler Murray’s growth as a quarterback, and will probably be seeing a large number of targets. Rate him as a flex option when in need. 

Kyler Murray 

It is always tough to project a rookie QB; however, it is different when they have legs like Murray. He was suitable for 1,001 rushing yards with a 7.2 yards per carry last year. His size being 5’10’’ and 207 lbs are not ideal for a QB, but he is worth taking later on in the draft and holding as a solid QB2 to start when he has good matchups that are vulnerable to the QB run. Hopefully a similar season for Lamar Jackson. 

Side note, rookie Andy Isabella out of UMass will be a sleeper pick as potential WR2 or Flex option. 


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