If you are not familiar with survivor leagues it is pretty simple, pick a team each week to win. However, once you choose a team, you cannot use them again for the rest of the season. (Ex: if you pick the Eagles week one, you are not able to use them again)

  1. Take a look at Vegas spreads
    1. These spreads come out way before the season and are a great way to determine who is going to be the favorite in a matchup. It is wiser to pick larger favorites than try to throw in a bunch of underdog picks.
  2. Pick Home teams
    1. Home teams are a much better pick than road teams as only seven teams posted a winning record away from home in 2018
  3. Pay attention to bad teams in a good spot
    1. People will often overlook bad teams. Bad teams can still be a favorite which can make them a valuable pick which allows you to save better teams for later in the season
  4. Game theory
    1. Pick percentages are available everywhere from ESPN to Yahoo. Looking at these percentages can give you an idea of how many people are going to be on one team in a given week. Using this along with Vegas lines can allow you to gain an edge on your pool. 60% of people could be on one team during a week, and this knowledge can help you be contrarian and go the opposite way homing the majority lose. If 60% of people drop out in a week, you are drastically closer to winning the pool.



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