Changing the way fans bet on sports

At Vig It, we believe sports betting should be built for the new generation of sports fans. That’s why we created a social platform that let’s you stay connected and compete against other bettors with free features to help you beat the sportsbooks.

Sports betting should be…


An interactive sports betting community for deepened fan engagement and a better experience


Everything you need to improve your performance in one easy to use location right on your phone


Fun and free games to sharpen your skills, compete with friends and win prizes from anywhere in the U.S.


Our story began in Philadelphia, where co-founders Andrew, Joe and Shawn met. They created a betting league in order to stay in touch and settle the debate on who was the best bettor in the group.

Over time they realized all their records improved the more they discussed picks, compared odds and shared team trends. As their betting league grew members were looking for a more user friendly and centralized experience.

So, with the introduction of the regulated sports betting industry to the United States in May of 2018 the trio left their careers behind to bring an unparalleled mobile first platform to the sports betting community. Vig It was founded to connect sports bettors to their friends, betting influencers and legal sportsbooks while making picks on all their favorite games and teams for free to win prizes.